Plasmatrix Materials AB is a spin-off company that offers High Power Pulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) technology related innovative materials, products and service. We have in house build our own sputtering machines fully automated and equiped with control algorithms, to meet our customers needs.

HiPIMS Technology

We provide HiPIMS systems that can be readily installed in any research labs or production environment.

Coating Service

We provide tailor made coatings to resolve customer's problems and improve their products performance

Vacuum Instruments

Contact our technical support to acquire assistance to fabricate and assemble tailor made vacuum systems

Vibration Suppressing

Get amazed by our novel VibraCoat materials to absorb unwanted vibration energy in your producsts and processes

Vibracoat Tooling system


Vibracoat is a unique nano structured high loss modulus material made in Plasmatrix that has combined high stiffness and high damping properties.

Plasma Sterilization

Using plasma technology to actively kill nearly all bacterias and get the best hygene condition for life..

SME IN H2020

Plasmatrix succeffully finished the SME phase 1 project and has made its essential step of reaching to pilot customers.

Our Eurostars Partners

Plasmatrix in HiPPOCAMP

In HiPPOCAMP project, Plasmatrix discovered the bridge between material's mechanical properties and nano structures..       

16:08 Nov 14, 2016

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